MAXIMUM STRENGTH means maximum protection for your vehicle’s spray on ute tray liner.

SPEEDLINER™ spray on ute tray liner is a tough and worry free protection for your vehicle. With Maximum UV resistance your spray on ute tray liner will have reduced colour fade while holding its own against sharp edged cargo, preventing rips and tears to the lining.

Whilst plastic tub liners may seem like a low cost option, they vibrate and rub paint from the ute's bed liner (allowing rust to get in), and your cargo will slip and slide every journey. 

The waterproof SPEEDLINER™ spray on ute tray liner is also resistant to most common chemicals including fuels, fertilizers, chlorine bleach and corrosive materials. Our spray on ute tray liner application eliminates the effects of rattling, squeaking, rubbing and water retention which causes damage leading to rust and corrosion of your ute tray, a common side effect you will find from a noisy plastic tub liner.